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We know what's important to you

Founded by a pathologist in 1980, IML knows the importance of accurate testing and quality service in helping physicians diagnosis and treat their patients efficiently and effectively.  



IML is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, the gold standard of quality in the lab industry. As the only independently owned CAP-accredited lab in the area, we are proud to deliver the same high quality lab results as the national laboratories to help you find the answers to your diagnostic questions but with local customer service to respond to your needs. 



Lab testing should improve not interfere with your practice.  Whether you collect specimens in your office or refer your patients to the lab for venipuncture, IML provides convenience and service to help you get the results you need.


Secure electronic results are available.  Click here to email us the details of your EMR or other reporting process and let us find the best solution for your practice.




Too often, patients forgo valuable lab tests because of cost.  IML offers competitive prices that allow patients greater access to these critical diagnostic tools.  Even patients with health insurance may be deterred by test costs when insurance coverage is limited.  For a list of test with coverage limitations for Medicare and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, click here.

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