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We know what's important to you

Our patients have told us.  Quality, convenience and cost are some of the most important factors they use to choose a healthcare provider - and they choose IML.  Here's why...



IML is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, the gold standard of quality in the lab industry.  As the only independently owned CAP-accredited lab in the area, we are proud to deliver the same high quality lab results as the national laboratories while maintaining the locally driven customer service that makes us our patients' favorite.







Our Patient Service Centers offer quick and convenient venipuncture without the need for an appointment.  Staffed only with experienced phlebotomists, our PSCs are accessible and open early for your convenience.


To find the IML Patient Service Center nearest you, click the link below.


Find an IML Patient Service Center



IML is an in-network provider for many insurance plans. Click here to view a list.  


Some insurance plans may require that you use one of the national labs.  Many patients with these restricted plans, prefer to use IML's Your Test, Your Choice plan. For a small fee, we will collect and process your specimen, submitting it to your network lab for testing, so you can enjoy IML's service without sacrificing your insurance benefit.


IML also provides specimen collection services for certain specialty labs, allowing physicians and patients access to specialty testing not otherwise available in our area.



With the ever increasing cost of healthcare, lab testing is still one of the most comprehensive and economical diagnostic tools available.  IML has competitive pricing to help our patients access this vital health service.


Have health insurance and think you don't need to worry about test cost?  Think again.  Find out what your responsibility will be if your health plan does not fully cover your lab test.


To find out the cost of the tests you need, call us at (800) 288-1IML or click here to send an email inquiry.

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