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COVID-19 Updates

It's a quickly-changing time but here are answers to some of our common questions

Does IML do COVID-19 or Coronavirus testing?

Diagnostic Test - NO

The diagnostic test for patients suspected of currently having COVID-19.  It determines how much, if any, of the virus is in your system.  The test requires a swab and is collected at a doctor's office, health department or drive-thru site on patients who are symptomatic.  We do not perform this test or collect these specimens.  If you are sick and believe you may have COVID-19, please contact your doctor.  Do not come to the Patient Service Center.

Antibody Test - YES

The Antibody test is a screening test for patients who do not feel sick and do not have COVID-19 symptoms.  It is a Serological Antibody test that indicates both recent and/or previous exposure to COVID-19 by determining if your body has produced Antibodies to fight off the COVID-19 virus.  It is considered useful in assessing the resiliency and recovery of the population.  It is hoped that this Antibody information will help establish who is still at risk and who has already recovered from infection.


This test is available through IML.  It requires a blood sample

obtained through routine venipuncture and may be collected

at your physicians office or IML Patient Service Center. 

What about my regular lab tests?


It's business as usual.  You may see more cleaning or protective equipment in use.  We're asking that patients maintain Social Distancing guidelines as much as possible.  If there is a wait, you are welcome to sign in and wait in your car.  Non-fasting patients are encouraged to come later in the day to avoid the rush of morning fasting patients.


Helping our patients keep up with their non-COVID-19 related testing gives them and their physicians information to better manage their health, potentially preventing trips to more overwhelmed facilities like hospitals and urgent care centers.  It also helps support our local community and economy.

What if I think I have COVID-19?


Please talk to your physician and do not come to the Patient Service Center.

Anything else?


The situation is evolving very rapidly and we will update as it becomes necessary.  We hope you and yours stay safe and well.

If you have a specific question regarding COVID-19 testing, feel free to contact us at

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