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Physician FAQs

What if we collect our specimens in the office?


IML provides courier service to pick up specimens collected in physicians offices.  All collection and transport supplies are provided free of charge.  

What if IML is not in-network with my patient's insurance?


If we receive a specimen from your office for a patient whose insurance restricts them to another laboratory, we will automatically forward the specimen on to the in-network lab.

Do I have to use an IML Test Request Form?


No.  If you prefer, you can use a prescription pad, universal lab form or EMR form.  As long as your practice information, the patient's name, date of birth  and test ordered are visible, it is acceptable.  If the tests are to be billed to the patient's insurance, please include diagnosis codes.  If the specimen is coming directly from your office, please include the patient's insurance information.

Can I get results into my EMR?


IML has a number of reporting mechanisms, including electronic report delivery.  If you would like your reports delivered electronically, please email us by clicking here.

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