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COVID-19 Updates

It's a quickly-changing time but here are answers to some of our common questions

Are you open?


Yes.  As long as it is allowed, safe and feasible for our patients and staff, we will remain open.  Please check the Locations Page for the Patient Service Center you would like to visit to check for updated hours. 

Does IML do COVID-19 or Coronavirus testing?


No.  We are not performing COVID-19 tests nor are we collecting specimens for COVID-19 tests.

Specimens must currently be collected at your doctor's office and sent straight to the testing lab from there.

Then why are you still open?


Helping our patients keep up with their other testing needs gives them and their physicians information to better manage their health, potentially preventing trips to more overwhelmed facilities like hospitals and urgent care centers.  It also frees up capacity for COVID-testing labs and helps support our local economy.  

But what if I think I have COVID-19?


Please talk to your physician and do not come to the Patient Service Center.

So it's business as usual?


Not exactly.  There are a few things:


You may see more cleaning or protective equipment in use at the PSC.

Non-fasting patients are encouraged to come in later so that the morning fasting patients are already gone.

If there is a wait and you'd prefer not to stay in the waiting room, you are welcome to sign in and wait in your car.

Anything else?


The situation is evolving very rapidly and we will update as it becomes necessary.  We hope you and yours stay safe and well.