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Semen Analysis

- a simple first step

Which test do I need?

Complete Semen Analysis

This test helps diagnose or rule out issues that might be interfering with your intended pregnancy.  Semen Analysis is simpler, less invasive and less expensive than procedures needed to test female infertility.

Sperm Count

This test is used to confirm the efficacy of procedures such as Vasectomy.

How do I get tested?

1.  Talk to your Healthcare Provider

You will need to get a Lab Order for your test from your Healthcare Provider.  You can have the Lab Order faxed to IML at (941) 739-0612 or bring it with you to your appointment.  We must have the Lab Order before the test can be performed.

2.  Schedule an Appointment at IML

Testing is done by appointment only at 6419 Parkland Drive, Sarasota, FL 34243.

Book your appointment online by the Book your Appointment link.

You will need to bring your specimen with you, collected no more than

30 minutes earlier, at your selected appointment time.



3.  Pay for your Test

Your test must be paid prior to your appointment.

Pay online using the link below.  Enter 'Semen Analysis' and

your appointment date as your IML Account Number.

4.  Prepare for Specimen Collection

  • Refrain from ejaculation for three days prior to collection.

  • Obtain a specimen cup.  Specimen must be submitted in clean, dry cup labeled with patient name.  Cups can be obtained from your healthcare provider.

  • Specimen should be collected at home by masturbation or coitus interruptus.  Do not use a condom, lubricant or other contaminant during collection.  Specimen collection at the laboratory is not permitted.

  • Specimen must be kept warm after collection.  Keep specimen close to body to maintain temperature.

5.  At your appointment time, you will need the following:

  • Your Semen specimen in a closed, labeled specimen cup, kept warm and collected no more than 30 minutes earlier.

  • Your Lab Order, if not faxed directly to IML by your Healthcare provider.

  • Confirmation of your payment

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact us at

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