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What tests do I need?

Lab tests are one of the most valuable medical tools available. Minimally-invasive, cost-effective and comprehensive, they can offer a broad overview of your general wellness or a specific answer to a particular medical concern.  Here are a few things to consider when talking to your physician about using lab tests to complete your medical picture.

Prevention or Prognosis?

Lab tests can provide vital information about your health before you experience any signs of illness, helping you and your doctor evaluate your risk and make better decisions


If you are experiencing a particular symptom, lab tests are often key to determining the cause, leading to a more effective treatment.

An ounce of prevention in a drop of blood

Knowledge is the foundation of prevention.  


screening tests, explanation and recommendations

A sign of the times or a sign of trouble?

some symptoms feel like a natural part of aging, so commonplace, we don't even think to discuss them with our physician, common symptoms such as fatigue and correspond tests - thyroid, hormone, anemia, tibc

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